The Lack of EdTech Support Specialists in Schools is Hurting Education

Where are all the EdTech support specialists in schools?

6 min readJan 23, 2023
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Have you noticed the gap between funding for EdTech platforms and technology vs. funding for EdTech support specialists in schools?

Over the past several years, a lot of schools have prioritized funding for EdTech, but EdTech support specialists have been left out of the equation more often than not.

Technology has benefited education in various ways. While the use of EdTech in classrooms has its pros and cons, technology allows students to grow, learn, and experience the world in a more nuanced way.

To ensure the smooth and successful use of technology in educational programs, EdTech integration in classrooms needs to be a collaborative process between decision-makers, teachers, and support specialists.

The Problem(s)

Without EdTech support specialists, who will ensure that technology is used correctly in learning environments? Who will assist with a coordinated program to create and reinforce mindset, habits, and skills surrounding the use of technology that will serve students and teachers as their use of technology increases in the classroom?




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