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The MagniLearn Logo. Taken From MagniLearn.

It’s never easy to learn a new language, especially English for ESL learners.

Proficiency in English is the key to the future for many young students around the globe. A wide range of opportunities awaits those who speak English.

Learning English has become easier due to the ever-changing education system that is starting to focus more on digital technologies and cognitive science theories. It has become easier to successfully empower our students to find their full potential while they are learning a new language.

Due to COVID-19, students and teachers were separated by social distancing and in a lot of Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, and China, education found new limitations. Therefore, the need for online approaches has gained more traction recently.

There have been a lot of online tech-tools for our students to learn and thrive in English.

MagniLearn, an Israeli TechEd startup, is one of them.

“MagniLearn is the most useful study tool I have used thus far. Our students practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening all on this one platform. MagniLearn personalizes the curriculum for each student and students can progress much faster. My students’ learning has become significantly more effective and their skills have improved since beginning with MagniLearn.” — Mr. Cha Seung Hoon, A2B2 English Academy

Intelligent learning technology using cutting-edge methodologies? Yes, please!

The Student Screen on MagniLearn.

MagniLearn is a platform that uses AI to help students learn English.

The benefits of MagniLearn:

  1. Unique personal knowledge map for each student
  2. Real-time, dynamically generated online lessons
  3. Active, personalized free-form exercises
  4. Precise, real-time, and engaging feedback
  5. Full integration with the school’s curriculum
An Example of a MagniLearn Exercise.

The Program

The interface itself is easy and user-friendly.

It is easy to set up since there’s nothing to download as the program itself is entirely web and smartphone-based.

The exercises require writing free-form answers rather than multiple-choice answers.

The software can discern whether a student is struggling with writing or grammar, or whether they’re really good at grammar but need more help with writing.

An Example of the MagniLearn Interactive Exercises.

It’s kind of like having your own personal tutor. The program understands what is correct and what is not and provides feedback accordingly. The AI provides precise feedback in the student’s language according to the learner’s answer. The program also naturally weeds out what you don’t need to learn as it tracks this data.

While this kind of personalized learning is developing in the classrooms, it’s still not on this personal level.

Individualized Learning

“Efficiency is the important thing to efficiently buying an international language. With built-in language consciousness, our system discerns which vocabulary and grammar guidelines haven’t but been utterly understood by the coed. It identifies widespread errors, gives suggestions, alerts academics and builds the following lesson plan for that pupil’s wants,” — Lana Tockus, CEO of MagniLearn.

The neat thing about MagniLearn is that it focuses on individualized learning. There’s a personal ‘knowledge map’ for each student that is updated through the software’s linguistic engine builds and stores the map there as well.

MagniLearn uses natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence to build a linguistic engine that understands where students are struggling.

Screenshot Taken by Text by Tasha.

As the students go through the program, the AI tracks their progress including their strengths and weaknesses according to this precise data on the student’s performance. Performance in the previous lesson influences how the next lesson unfolds. The AI then automatically develops personalized lessons in real-time.

The exercises that are created are exactly the right level for the student — not too easy and not too difficult. They provide the appropriate amount of challenge and flexibility for the students so that their time is utilized wisely.

This is how the program evolves to assist the student in their language learning. One student’s lesson is never the same as another student’s.

What the Feedback Looks Like on MagniLearn for Students.

Learning the School Curriculum Through AI

“Traditional English teaching can be seriously improved by software that stores a detailed specification of the required knowledge, tracks the knowledge of individual students, and uses it to provide precisely planned personalized exercises. MagniLearn uses this approach, complementing it with detailed reports for teachers to address their students’ needs. This has significantly helped our students.” — Mr. Theeratham Thammasri, Kru PCher Tutor​

MagniLearn is a program that has a flexible content model which allows schools to easily integrate their curriculum.

Screenshot Taken by Text by Tasha.

As you can see above on the right, there are the vocabulary words we are currently studying in our curriculum.

I love that what my students study in my classroom is also what they interact with on the platform whether it’s history, vocabulary, or science. It’s great review for them to review it right before the vocabulary test, too!

They say that you can teach your school curriculum up to 6 times faster using MagniLearn. I’m already seeing the truth of this within a few weeks of using it.

Time Required

The students do this program at home as a side to their school work. It reviews concepts and vocabulary that have been discussed in class. My school uses it as a review program for homework.

There is a minimum amount of time the students are recommended to use it in order to get the best out of the program. However, there is no maximum. Some of my students have been doing the bare minimum hours, and some of them will be doing exercises on it for hours on end and even getting ahead to the following week’s materials!

Tracking Progress

“The Teacher Dashboard allows me insight into my students’ achievements and struggles even when the student learns from home. This is something that we, as teachers, did not have access to previously. My students’ learning has become significantly more effective and their skills have increased dramatically since beginning with MagniLearn.” — Yuichiro Kitani, AIC Education Ltd.

MagniLearn Teacher Dashboard Examples.

Teachers have access to the progress that their students are making if they log onto the website. The program is flexible and adaptable. The teachers at our school were given essential details to reinforce our students based on data-driven reports.

Using this progress, I track my students’ strengths and weaknesses. From there, I focus more on their weaknesses during lessons in class.

MagniLearn saves my time as a teacher every day. Normally, it takes me many weeks to notice my students’ strengths and weaknesses with the classroom sizes and number of students. Most teachers know that it’s so hard to spend 1–1 time with their students in class on a day-to-day basis. However, with MagniLearn being able to track that data for me, it has made it a lot quicker for me to have this knowledge and then be able to help my students with what they actually need.

My school is throwing a pizza party for classes of each grade level that have the most logged-in hours. The students get really competitive and as a result, are using it even more!

There are also automatically-generated certificates you can download on the site with a single click to celebrate the accomplishments of the students.

A MagniLearn Certificate For Student Achievement.

Studies have shown that students who have used MagniLearn demonstrated the ability to acquire language skills 3x faster compared to traditional learning methods.

For the Students, Not the Parents

Something to make your parents and students aware of is that this program is strictly for the students. Parents shouldn’t do the work for their students on MagniLearn. Otherwise, the AI tracks the parent’s progress instead.

The results change and the student can’t benefit from the program in that case. If you’ll use it at your school, I highly recommend letting the parents know that they absolutely should not give the answers to their children and the risk of the data coming out wrong if they decide to do so.


I love hearing my students walk through the door before class starts and talk about how they were using MagniLearn the night before. Their faces are lit up with happiness. A lot of their discussions have become centred around the MagniLearn program during their classroom breaks now.

If the students are smiling while learning English, what else do we need? That’s the power and value that MagniLearn brings to English education.

Currently, MagniLearn is rapidly expanding in several schools across Israel, Japan, Thailand, and South Korea. However, there is no doubt that it will soon expand everywhere and launch in many other countries rapidly.

MagniLearn is a wonderful program that succeeds in its goal to maximize learning efficiency. It is online platform that truly empowers students to efficiently and rapidly improve language learning productivity.

My students will continue to use the program to help their English language skills grow and thrive.

Talk about active learning!

Photo Taken From MagniLearn Website.


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